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Major Screenshots
ezSQL is a rapid and one of the easiest visual tool for creating and executing SQL queries for NonStop SQL/MP. ezSQL gives you a complete set of convenient features to build, analyze and manage your queries.

Query Editor and Executor


Figure 1 shows the context prompter in action. When the table name font color so indicates (aqua), as soon as the period (.) following the table or define name has been entered, the column name list pops up. Simply select the desired column name, by double-clicking on the name.

Figure 2 shows an example with two SQL statements in the Query Edit window, one of which is referring to a table which has been previously viewed via the Catalog Browser (aqua font), the other referring to a table name which has not been viewed via the Catalog Browser (light gray font).

Catalog Browser

Figure 3 shows the catalog browser, providing an explorer-like view of the HP NonStop Server SQL/MP file system, giving convenient and immediate access to all SQL/MP object information and attribute values, as well as a powerful tool for easy generation of SQL object DDL source, for deciding partitioning key values, and for object relation analysis. Your databases are easily and efficiently managed, using functions like create, drop, or rename objects, move partitions, and modifying object attribute values.

File Explorer

Figure 4 shows the ezFile utility (bundled with ezSQL), providing en explorer-like view of the HP NonStop Server Enscribe file system. By replacing complex and error-prone TACL command sequences with an intuitive and easy-to-use set of GUI menu commands, ezFile will greatly reduce the number of operational errors, while making disk file navigation and management fast and efficient. ezFile includes drag-and-drop FTP functionality, making up- or downloading of files from/to your PC/workstation easier than ever!

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