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 Differentiated and professional products and services.
Differentiated and professional products and services.

ezSQL: the powerful NonStop SQL/MP database management/manipulation tool  

ezSQL is the ideal visual tool for NonStop SQL/MP DB management, and for creating, testing, and executing SQL/MP queries. ezSQL gives you a complete and powerful set of convenient features to help build, analyze, and manage your queries and other SQL/MP objects. With ezSQL and its user-friendly GUI, productivity is increased, application development time is reduced, and unauthorized database access is prevented.

Other Products

Product Function Description
ezSOCK Application Development and Integration Solution ezSock is the core engine of application development for peer-to-peer application integration. Light and realistic solution for channel integration, Easy integration between DB management solution and ETL that operates and manages ODS in the future.
ezOM Advanced business activity monitoring Tool ezOM is integrated and open solution that monitor, analyze and optimizes business processes using graphical workflow, business activity monitoring and predictive analysis in and easy-to-use diagram interface for business users.
ezBM CM Tool Support and Integration ezBM is the solution. Regardless of your CM tool, ezBM can integrate into both your NSK development and CM process allowing the development builds to be incorporated into your CM life cycle. ezBM integrates with all major CM solutions.
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