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"To realize your ideas, we reach out for new knowledge and experiences."
Company Overview
Business Area
Company Overview
ezTips is one of Hewlett/Packard's NonStop business partners in Korea, and has been developing and selling its own (as well as third party) solutions and consulting services for several years.

Who We Are:
ezTips, a Hewlett/Packard NonStop business partner, has been developing and selling its own(as well as third party)solutions and consulting services for several years, and has established partnerships with various industry leaders. All ezTips staff has decades of NonStop systems experience and knowledge, and all are HP NonStop Server certified engineers (ASE and AIS). To realize your ideas, we reach out for new knowledge through innovative software!

ezTips' engineer's technical level:
Extensive and in-depth experience of HP NonStop Server systems
All engineers are HP certified (ASE, AIS)
All engineers are former NonStop server systems engineers or software developers.

Henry Norman joined ezTips in 2002, as a senior consultant and technical adviser.
Mr. Norman, owner and founder of MicroTech Consulting, has been programming TAL since 1975. After joining Tandem Computers Sweden in early 1982, he was relocated to the Tandem corporate campus in Cupertino in 1984, where he served in many different positions: pre- and post-sales support; Guardian and subsystems defect support, course developer and instructor, DP2 developer, Expand developer, MHS/X.400 developer, Asia/Pacific Technical Support Analyst, and finally as Consulting Analyst at the Advanced Technology Center in Cupertino, California. In mid-1999, he left Compaq to start MicroTech Consulting, to develop his TNS/Guardian course Guardian Architecture Made Easy (GAME), and to develop the Multi-Threading C/TAL Non Stop Environment (NSE/MT, a TNS application development productivity tool) and the fault tolerant and memory based Queue Manager Process (QMP, using the NSE/MT "NonStop Engine").    

We are actively participating in these HP NonStop programs:

Development & Solution Partner Program

HP Integrity Ready Partner

Club NSAA member


Certified IT Personal

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