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ezSQL: the Best NonStop SQL/MP Database Management Tool Ever!

What is ezSQL?
ezSQL is a NonStop SQL/MP database management tool, enabling easy control and management of all your database environments. The intuitive and easy to use Windows based workstation ezSQL GUI greatly simplifies database management, providing functionality for easy and efficient operation and management of SQL/MP environments and objects, enablng DBAs and application developers both to be more productive.

Managing SQL Objects
Via the ezSQL GUI, users browse SQL objects in a "tree view," allowing "drill down" access to any level of detailed object property information, SQL object management, and generation of DDL describing these objects.

Easy SQL Query Design and Execution
Using a unique visual diagram, ezSQL users can effortlessly design, develop, and test SQL queries, with no need for SQLCI expertise, and with no need to type long and cumbersome SQL statements. ezSQL enables complete query execution control, and allows configuration of attributes like auto-commit, initial fetch count, and secondary fetch count (just to mention a few!).

File System object and Information Management
The ezSQL GUI also allows TNS file system browsing using a tree-view in Explorer-like windows, providing functionality for complete file management as well as file information access, via familiar Windows client features such as drag and drop, cut and paste, sorting, and so on.

Database Management Task Scheduling and Execution
ezSQL helps simplifying tedious and repetitive database management tasks like update statistics, SQL compilation, and database reload, making DBA routine work a snap. Through ezSQL, these and many other routine tasks may be configured (registered) with various run time options and task grouping, to be automatically scheduled at configured time intervals.

Per-User SQL Query Execution Control
With ezSQL, the DBA can control query execution on a per-user basis, by enabling specification of executable query types and maximum query costs for each individual user, features that give the DBA very efficient control of and access to database and use system resources.

Multiple Language Support
ezSQL supports localization using double-byte character definitions, enabling easy adaptation to any language, allowing users to access help text and error message information in their own language.

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