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Company Overview
Business Area
Business Area
Hewlett/Packard NonStop Server (nee Tandem Computers) solution development and technical consulting.

Research & Development Software architecture, design, and development for HP NonStop Servers
Business solution development for Financial Systems Integration (HTS, FEP, HOST Infrastructure)
EAI consulting for the financial capital market
Software development for subsystem, file system, application operations and management.
TCP/IP Layered I/F Gateway, systemobject management, DB Utilities, etc.
In-depth Services Professional Services for overall system performance, including quantity of data processed, response time, availability, etc
Application architecture design and development
Major sub-system architecture development, supply, customizing
CA Uni-center, IBM MQ Series maintenance
Solution & Product Sales Solutions and tools for hp NonStop Server systems in Korea
System Monitoring solution 'MOMI' (BlackWood Systems, Inc.)
Fault tolerant "NonStop engine" 'NSE/MT' (MicroTech Consulting)
Various in-house resources and solutions (ezSock, ezSQL, ezSuite, ezOM, etc)
Software Configuration Management tool CCC/Harvest (CA Korea) cooperation and distribution (BuildManager)
Professional Services can be delivered in cooperation with with HP NonStop Server Specialist from abroad

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